Karloff's monster

Frankenstein's Monster
Pen and charcoal 1999

Black Monk Time

Dave Day, Larry Clark, Gary Burger, Roger Johnson, Eddie Shaw
The best uberbeat group I have ever seen.

Not Fade Away

Here we have England's Newest Hit-makers in 1963.
While most of the Stones where about 21 that year, bassist, Bill Wyman was 26.
Born on October 24, 1936, Bill is about 7 weeks younger than Buddy Holly, who was born on September 7.

Three Great Guitars

Mr. Guitar, the mighty Link Wray is excluded from the Rock Hall of Fame.
Being 'King of the Surf Guitar' hasn't helped Dick Dale qualify either.


Drawing for Bob Dylan

Forever Changed

The Doors are in the Hall of Fame, but no love for Arthur Lee and Love.
Well, my little man [who is soon going to be three] goes by the name Arthur Lee.

We're all normal and we want our freedom.


5 Years and 10 days ago

The view from our 'suite' at the Highland Gardens Hotel.

Sans vox

The Stax Records rhythm section.
Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson & Donald 'Duck' Dunn.

A duo of rock 'n' roll trios

Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley and Bill Black
Sun Records 1954

Drummer, Jerry Allison and bassist Joe B. Maudlin have been stricken from the record by the Rock Hall of Fame, hmmm. Sorry, Niki Sullivan.


Jesus Loves The Stooges [More Than Johnny Burnette]

The Stooges
illustration 2010

So, The Stooges are being inducted into The Rock Museum thing this coming March and I just so happen to have been working on a drawing of them last month. The week between Chrismas and New Years is a little slow for tattooing, believe it or not.
The colors are 1970's kitchen favorites. An iron-on after it's time.

For some reason, the Hall of Fame still hates Johnny Burnette & the Rock n Roll Trio. Go figure, rock critics don't even have hind sight.

The above illustration is one of dozens of rock caricatures I did sometime in the late 90's. Recently dug up from thee garage, I will be adding more as I scan them.

futurerocklegends.com has a complete listing of all the artists passed up for induction. Those squares still don't get Link Wray either.