Still Sick

A cross-hatching nightmare version of Bal's cover art for Rockabilly Psychosis & the Garage Disease. Worked on occasionally over the past year or two between tattoos.
One of my favorite comps that still sounds just as good 25 years later. In the years following my purchase of this record I would get to see the Cramps, Gun Club and Meteorhead, live. In 1994, Gary Burns and I were putting a band together with Grant of the Geezers, we joined Deadbolt instead, as "the Wall of Thunder", replacing departed bassist R.A. MacLean with a bass duo. Playing with Deadbolt gave me the honor of sharing the stage the Cramps, Guana Batz, the reformed Geezers, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the late, great Hasil Adkins.


American Icon

The Andy Christ
Chris Earnhart

A religious icon of Mayberry's Sheriff Taylor, my vote for America's Next Christ.