You Remind Me


Chris Earnhart 2010

One of my favorite bands. I first heard their music through the Tell-Tale Hearts in 1984 then the Pebbles' The Continent Lashes Back comps. In the early 90's I recieved a cassette of the early singles and self-titled debut lp from Mr. Ron Swart, who supplied the tunes for the original Pebbles comps. Thanks, Ron.

Their amazing second album, CQ can heard at http://psychedelic-rocknroll.blogspot.com/

CQ is really an over-looked masterpiece of the psychedelic era.

You also can't go wrong with the singles collection, Strange Things Are Happening.


No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones

"I don't think about that stuff. I just think about who's doing what to me and what I'm going to do about it."
Joe Strummer on politics, 1977

"Although they are talented musicians, they seem to have dug themselves into an unoriginal Who hole out of which it may be difficult for them to climb."
Caroline Coon on The Jam, 1977

The nutty sound of 1979 in '82.


New York Dolls


Buddy Holly
Pen and color pencil 1988

So, Don McLean was wrong and Rancid are right. 51 years after the plane crash I still listen to Buddy Holly.
"cause through music we can live forever"
Here's to everyone who has ever made a record. No matter how old or unknown, it's someone's favorite song.


More Michael Jackson

Black Now, White Later
Sketch for tattoo flash 2003

Everyone accused Michael of wanting to look like Diana Ross, I think he ended up closer to Lon Chaney in the role of the Phantom. The above drawing is from a 2003 sketchbook.



The Who - 44 Years Before The Super Bowl

Small Faces
I found a used copy of the 'Early Faces' LP in 1984 and bought it because Kenney Jones was in The Who. They have been one of my favorite bands since then.
Their over looked masterpiece, 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake' was the first CD I bought, a few years later.

The Kinks
'Something Else' is another record you should own.

The Who
Half of them will be playing the Super Bowl half time show, this weekend. I think they should play 'A Man in a Purple Dress' in place of the best-of-medley. That would be punk rock.
'Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy' was my first record, it deserves a better CD release. It's a powerful collection of their first five years. I didn't hear another album like it until finding the U.S. version of the first Clash LP.

Jack Kerouac

Some Western Haikus

Arms folded
to the moon,
Among the cows.

Missing a kick
at the icebox door
It closed anyway.

Useless, useless,
the heavy rain
Driving into the sea.

The bottoms of my shoes
are wet
from walking in the rain

boy smashing dandelions
with a stick

Snap your finger
stop the world-
Rain falls harder

from Book of Haiku
by Jack Kerouac