New Painting 197?

The Witch vs. Moneydog
Acrylic on canvas board 1998

A very Stuart Davis influenced work based on a drawing I did as a small child, sometime in the early 70's.

The Future's Promise

The Future's Promise 2003
A bad photo of my first painting featuring Michael Jackson.

Burrowing neighbors

The Owls



Skateboard deck painted for a Dia de los Muertos art show in San Antonio.


Three sheets to the wind

The dash of 1970 Ford Deadbolt tour van, somewhere in New Orleans

Hotel room view 2002

Arizona Twice

Nothing to do at the Holbrook Truck Plaza, Deadbolt tour 1995

View from Club Congress hotel room, Gore-Gons 2004

Ocean View

The "ocean view" advertised for my old apartment. They left out 'from the shower'.


I still can't figure out how to do this for money

a deceiving bouquet

US Highway 17, FLA 6/39

Pettibon Plagiarism

The Gore-Gons - Norvus Breakdown EP 2008

5 tracks we left off the cd for various reasons we no longer remember.
Dolphin with rabies/Hey weirdo/I like my women bad/Kill me baby/Nurses for sale

The cover art is of course taken from Raymond Pettibon's artwork for the first Black Flag release. It features Jello Lugosi's breakdown at our last show at Zombie Lounge, a bar frequented by middle-aged skinheads.
Lack of interest on all parts leaves this release without a bar code but I know where you can get one. Of course, Nervous Norvus' influence is omnipresent.

In my day art was made on the copy machine

T-shirt design for Street Rod 1995


A Man That Mattered

watercolor 2005

San Diego 07/07/02

The beautiful thing about Joe's voice was it's truth. Do yourself a favor and listen to the Mescaleros.

Heaven Needs Cretins

Watercolor 2001

I did this one soon after Joey's death as a gift for Third Degree Burns of Deadbolt, the biggest Ramones fan I've ever known. Dee Dee and Johnny went too quickly for me to keep up.

A trio of San Franciscan windows

Hotel room fire escape


Hotel room

A tattoo maker waiting to make some more cash to blow at the Tonga Room and Hungry I, 2003


The Gore-Gons' Halloween Hat Night @ the Zombie Lounge
Gary-Mosrite, Justin-Drums, Jello Lugosi-Vocals/Guitar, Chris-Bass

Surfin' Dead

Surfing zombie

The Son of Frankenstello



Last Night Was As Cold As England

View of Matlock Bath riverside from the attic room of The County & Station

View from my guest room window.
Pond Farm Cottage, Osmaston, Derbyshire 1999
Wide awake hours before morning.

Guest Room at Pond Farm Cottage

Classic Movie Monsters

Watercolor 2004
A few of my favorite classics. Sorry, no Creature.

1. Vincent Price 2. Conrad Veidt, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 3. Lon Chaney, Phantom of the Opera 4. Lon Chaney, London After Midnight 5. Barbara Steele 6. John Barrymore, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 7. Carol Borland, Mark of the Vampire 8. Bela Lugosi, Dracula 9. Boris Karloff, Frankenstein 10. Bela Lugosi, White Zombie 11. Charles Laughton, Island of Lost Souls 12. Elsa Lanchester, The Bride of Frankensein 13. Fredric March, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 14. Max Schreck, Nosferatu 15. Vampira 16. Christopher Lee, Horror of Dracula 17. Templario, The Blind Dead 18. Mindy Clarke, Return of the Living Dead 3 19. Lon Chaney, Jr., The Wolf Man 20. Anthony Perkins, Edge of Sanity 21. Isabelle Adjani & Klaus Kinski, Nosferatu, the Vampyre


Sad Girls

Left Behind
Watercolor 2006

Everyone loved this one. "She looks sooo sad, ahhhh" blah, blah, blah.
I have seen this tattooed quite a few times in magazines with some mixed results, no one seems to want me to do it though. Anybody with a 'gun' should be able to do it no problem, they can just draw it right off your iphone.
Below is a young woman from Nova Scotia who got it done right in 2006.

The crying doesn't stop there...

Love Misspelled
Watercolor 2006

I was really happy with this one but even the advantage of a Halloween Art Show debut couldn't help. The think the idea behind it is pretty simple but not so, and it didn't work twice. Now, if anyone asks about it, I say "she is sad because she isn't a pirate". I think she's hot.
Lots of prints available, still

How about a crying Viking girl?

A Hot Meal

Where surf and turf comes from. This painting can be seen in person at The Fish Joint.
Do nude lobster mermaids offend the pilgrims?
Watercolor 2006

Skulls that Skate

Buddy Carr Model
Edger Skates

Edger Flat Pig

Skulls with Roses

Poor Me
Watercolor 2004

Henna Skull
Watercolor 2004

Thee Corsairs

Tales of Rum & Whiskey
Vinyl Picture Disc 2006
Inka Records

Zombie Pirate T-Shirt

Blood on the Saddle

CD cover 2008

Saved From Uselessness, Almost

I saw the Blasters again, a few months ago. Phil Alvin still sounds incredible, the last of the Big Joe Turner school of blues shouting. Here is the poster I was inspired to make for The Blasters' Chicago-area shows in Nov. 2009. It was replaced with another poster when Billy Boy Arnold was added to the bill.

Human Fly

Watercolor 2004

Australopithecus Adam and Eve

Watercolor 2004

I think the composition and design elements were taken from William Blake, which reminds me of one of my favorite films, Dead Man

Tattooed Women

A Sailor's Grave
watercolor 2004

She's Bored With You
watercolor 2004


Dragon Tattoo Flash

watercolor 2003

My take on an early 20th century tattoo design.

Actual Size

They Are Smaller Than You Think
watercolor 2005

They Are Everywhere
watercolor 2005

More moai

Acrylic on canvas 2004

I have been fascinated with Rapa Nui since childhood and was finally able to go there in June of 2004. We went in search of moai and met some beautiful, humble people. A piece of me is still there, a family portrait I painted for my friend, Kaje.

Manuia iti iti, munuia paka paka