A Damned Quick One

The 1977 Damned in a composition taken from The Who's 1966 album, A Quick One. Maybe a rejected cover for Music For Pleasure

Bass Practice

Danelectro Shorthorn bass
9" x 12" acrylic


This Was The Modern World

1965 Vespa
9" x 12" acrylic on canvas board
Mine was a '79 and a red similar to the background.

Two small acrylic paintings of '60's modern subjects. I'm considering these "practice" since I haven't painted in about six years. Both were painted on 3/13/13.

1968 Vox Phantom IV
9" x 12" acrylic on canvas board
This one is from a photo of the bass I played in Deadbolt from 1994-96. I sold it about ten years ago and replaced it with a more playable Phantom Guitar Works bass.


The Return Of Twiggy and the Stooges

Twiggy and the Stooges' Funhouse
C. Earnhart 2013
Concept by Dr. Johnson

Trying out Derwent watercolor pencils and nighttime sinus medication.


From The Big O To The Wild Man

Roy Orbison
Roy made a lot of good music at Sun Studio before he moved uptown. 'You're My Baby' and 'Go!Go!Go!' are both classic 1956 rockabilly.

Marvin Rainwater
born 1925
Marvin's fourth MGM 45, 'Mr. Blues w/ 'Hot and Cold' does it for me, can't go wrong with either side.  

Jackie Lee Cochran
'Mama Don't You Think I Know' is my pick.

Clyde Stacy
born 1936
I first heard Clyde on the "Big Al Downing and  His Friends" record. It's one of rockabilly's finest moments. 

Here's a picture of my Hoy Hoy.

Hasil Adkins
I first met Hasil Adkins before he played at Dick's Last Resort in 1998 during downtown's Street Scene. He told me he hadn't been to San Diego since 1957, when he was in the Navy. He also asked if I was a fan of his music and if I had any favorites he could play, "and don't gimme that She Said..". I chose 'She'll See Me Again' from his 1986 Norton record.Sure enough, he played it and it's still my favorite song of his. ['Head On The Wall' is right up there too]
After the show we got to have a few beers with Haze [he liked his beer warm, cold beer hurts your throat] while he told stories about his crazy neighbors in WV. I think Scott from Meatwagon videotaped it all. We also saw the show at The Garage in L.A. [with Lux and Ivy in attendance] which lasted about 15 minutes before Haze was overcome with spirit of Keith Moon. The Fat Possum tour manager said that was his way out when he didn't feel like playing. I also saw what turned out to be Hasil's last show at the 2004 Rockaround in Las Vegas.  


A New Spark

Here are some rockabilly artist caricatures I've been doing over the past few years. They were all just pencil sketches I had kind of abandoned since I didn't know what to do with them.
I recently received a complimentary note from a well-respected rock author which has inspired me to ink these guys a few at a time and post them up here. Rockabilly music has been a big part of my life since the mid 1980's when The Cramps opened up the doors to the wild side of life. Here are the first five.

Johnny Powers
born 1938
I first hear Johnny on the "Bop That Never Stopped" comps, which led to his Rollercoaster LP's. 'Long Blond Hair' from 1957 is still my favorite.

A signed 8 x 10 from about 1991 when Johnny gave me orders to "keep rockin'."

The mysterious Tommy Lam
I think everyone agrees 'Speed Limit' from 1959 is Tommy's best.

Gene Vincent
I'll never get tired of hearing 'Race With The Devil'. Gene kept on making good music on through the 60's and up until his death in 1971. 

A flier for the '58 Blue Caps reunion with Jerry Merritt. Buddy Knox [whose guarantee wasn't met] stayed on the tour bus for the San Diego show. 1996 

Malcolm Yelvington
Malcolm was a country musician playing rockabilly before it was called that. His unissued Sun track, 'Got Me A Trumpet' is another favorite of mine. 

Joe Clay
born 1939
Joe recorded nine rockin' sides for the Vik label in 1956. The unreleased, 'You Look That Good To Me" featuring guitarist, Mickey Baker is a real scorcher. I got to see Joe perform in San Diego in the late '90's.


The Left Overs Pick-Up

A spare parts hod rod, a psycho-billy Ford.

It's a '29, '31, '32, '33, '34, '41, '65 automobile.

A '29 cab and '34 fenders on a modern Dodge frame. The motor is a Lindberg mid-60's Thunderbird. Other parts are '32 Ford and '33 and '41 Willys. 

Jo-Han '31 Cadi gas tank, slicks from a '79 Camaro kit and scratch-built rear springs.

Buddy's Xmas Models

The models my parents bought my son for Christmas. 
Lindberg's '34 Ford stake-bed tow truck built to Arthur's specifications.

He wanted "army truck wheels" so we used replacements from my spare parts box. The Good Guys and Bear Tire Service decals are also from the box.

I call it Camo Tow.

He chose the flathead over the chrome T-bird motor.

Revell's '48 Ford Custom Coupe [Version B]

Flames and pin-striping.


Misplaced Misunderstood

The Misunderstood
Rick Moe, Rick Brown, Tony Hill, Steve Whiting and Glenn Campbell
Psychedelic rock greats, The Misunderstood, from near-by Riverside, CA.
Drawn in September of last year and found again yesterday.

Wolf Man's Willys

The Wolf Man's '41 Willys gasser. Drawn between appointments while sitting at work. Jan. 20-22


What About Us?

Like the Coasters asked, 'what about us', Pop Hall of Fame?
More ignored founding fathers, pioneers and influential artists from unpopular genres like rockabilly, garage glam and doo-dah.

Charlie Feathers

Link Wray

The Sonics
Andy Parypa, Larry Parypa, Jerry Roslie, Bob Bennett and Rob Lind

T. Rex
Marc Bolan, Mickey Finn, Bill  Legend and Steve Currie

The Bonzo Dog Band
Clockwise from left: 'Legs' Larry Smith, Rodney Slater, Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall, Dave Clague and Roger Ruskin-Spear.
Difficult to see: Vernon Dudley Bohey-Nowell, Dennis Cowan, Sam Spoons, Joel Druckman, and the Rawlinsons
Pete Johnson
Our new Epson scanner rotates this drawing slightly every time I try to scan it. Roll 'em, Pete.


Ramones Rumored Return

Wigs all around: Meet the new Ramones [l-r] Rici, Pauly, Marky and Gigi.
   Marky Ramone is rumored to be adopting some new brothers to play with. Founding Kiss members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have been in talks with Ramone about touring under the Ramones' name. Simmons commented, "After going over the figures with Mark, it looks like we could make even more money being another band." Kiss will still be touring this summer with stand-in members [rumored to be earning minimum wage] while Stanley and Simmons work as Pauly and Gigi Ramone. Former Cars front man, Ric Ocasek will also be joining the family as lead vocalist.