From The Big O To The Wild Man

Roy Orbison
Roy made a lot of good music at Sun Studio before he moved uptown. 'You're My Baby' and 'Go!Go!Go!' are both classic 1956 rockabilly.

Marvin Rainwater
born 1925
Marvin's fourth MGM 45, 'Mr. Blues w/ 'Hot and Cold' does it for me, can't go wrong with either side.  

Jackie Lee Cochran
'Mama Don't You Think I Know' is my pick.

Clyde Stacy
born 1936
I first heard Clyde on the "Big Al Downing and  His Friends" record. It's one of rockabilly's finest moments. 

Here's a picture of my Hoy Hoy.

Hasil Adkins
I first met Hasil Adkins before he played at Dick's Last Resort in 1998 during downtown's Street Scene. He told me he hadn't been to San Diego since 1957, when he was in the Navy. He also asked if I was a fan of his music and if I had any favorites he could play, "and don't gimme that She Said..". I chose 'She'll See Me Again' from his 1986 Norton record.Sure enough, he played it and it's still my favorite song of his. ['Head On The Wall' is right up there too]
After the show we got to have a few beers with Haze [he liked his beer warm, cold beer hurts your throat] while he told stories about his crazy neighbors in WV. I think Scott from Meatwagon videotaped it all. We also saw the show at The Garage in L.A. [with Lux and Ivy in attendance] which lasted about 15 minutes before Haze was overcome with spirit of Keith Moon. The Fat Possum tour manager said that was his way out when he didn't feel like playing. I also saw what turned out to be Hasil's last show at the 2004 Rockaround in Las Vegas.  

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