The Deja Vu Willys

The AMT/ERTL '33 Willys Coupe
I remember building this same AMT model with my dad in the late 70's with some different box art than this 1989 version I found on eBay a few years ago. I recognized the thin, light blue plastic right away I also recalled this one ending up with an M-80 in the sun roof sometime around 1980, but couldn't remember why this model.
Another one of the half-built cars my son has pestering me about for the last couple years. Last month we did the gold paint, decals and attached the finished body. The hood attached to the front of the chassis and was lowering down over the motor when it stopped about an eighth of an inch short of the firewall. Wait, this had happened to me before.

How it is, so far...

We like it with the hood open and the 427 V-8 showing. The kit came with a roll cage I built by instinct since it was left off of the instructions along with one or two other mystery parts. I think the zoomie headers and rear bumper ended up on the '41 Willys hot rod so I used the stock option headers. This kit also comes with hardtop or "glass" top options for the sunroof, too bad both drop right through the hole. The other unmentioned option was a license plate frame in place of the parachute which was also removed from the instructions for this street rod version of the same gasser kit. Despite the issues I still think old models are the most fun and I might look into fixing the hood problem, one day. Unless we find an M-80 somewhere first. ha ha

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