This Year's Model

1937 C-505 Cord Super Charged Convertible
1955 PYRO Plastics Corp.

The green instrument panel and flat white, house paint interior are left from the original builder. The Wisconsin plate was carefully peeled from the trunk and framed for use; tail lights from another kit replace the original red stickers.

A look under the hood at the 2 piece V-8 motor and original green plastic color on top of the fire wall. I thought it looked better without the front bumper and left it off. The fender skirts are cut out from a sheet of modeling plastic.

Original box art from jimnohio.com
My Cord was found on ebay and came in a plastic shopping bag instead of the cool box above. Thanks to drastic plastics mcc for the instructions that made it go a lot smoother, they also have more great box artwork.

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